DyKnow Cloud: Google Authentication on Chromebooks


DyKnow Cloud can work with Google OAuth to silently identify students when they login with their Google email to a Chromebook.

To add Google Authentication to your DyKnow Cloud account:

  1. Construct a .csv of your Student and Teacher users, taking care to include the student Google Apps email in the Email field
  2. Send an email to your CSM or csm@dyknow.com with the above information. We will configure your account.

Per our implementation guide, we highly recommend doing the above steps BEFORE installing the DyKnow Cloud extension on student Chromebooks. Otherwise, your users will not be able to be monitored.  If you do import users after installing the extension, you will have to make sure the students log out and log back into their device before they will be able to be monitored. 

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