Whitelist DyKnow Cloud in School Content Filter, Firewall, and Antivirus



Whitelist DyKnow Cloud traffic in your school's content filter, firewall, and antivirus.

Note: If the DyKnow Cloud teacher interface is blank or inconsistent and you are confident in your infrastructure and SIS data imports, it may be that your school content filter, firewall, or antivirus is blocking DyKnow Cloud AWS (Amazon) content.

If you believe your Windows antivirus client is slowing or stopping DyKnow Cloud on a student device, whitelist this folder in your antivirus console: C:\Program Files\DyKnow\Cloud

Make sure you allow on all networks used by teachers and students.

To whitelist DyKnow, create an exception or an "allow" entry in your filter or firewall for ALL of the following:


If your filter does not support wildcards, use the list of explicit DNS names below:

://dyknow-archive-prod.s3.amazonaws.com https://dyknow-avatar-prod.s3.amazonaws.com https://dyknow-avatar-stock.s3.amazonaws.com https://dyknow-bfile-prod.s3.amazonaws.com https://dyknow-cloud-downloads.s3.amazonaws.com https://dyknow-icons-prod.s3.amazonaws.com https://dyknow-static.s3.amazonaws.com https://dyknow-upload-prod.s3.amazonaws.com

If your filter or firewall claims to only take IP addresses, please ask your provider about handling DNS names instead as it is difficult to predict which of the hundreds of IPs Amazon assigns to our service. 


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