DyKnow Cloud in the Summertime


Our customers often ask us: "How do you decide what features go into DyKnow Cloud?" It takes a lot of work and planning to prioritize customer requests and you are a very important part of that process!

Daily Feedback - Get Involved!

We want your involvement in making DyKnow great. We're constantly improving Cloud and those changes are dependent on your feedback. Share your ideas with us!


Summer Development - Happening Now!

Here's what you can expect for the start of the '15-'16 school year in DyKnow Cloud:

  • Real-time view of student website browsing and open applications
  • Individual monitoring/blocking plans
  • User interface and workflows designed from real teacher feedback

If you experience any service interruptions this summer it may be related to our increased development efforts. We're making big changes to ensure DyKnow Cloud is better than ever. We appreciate your patience as we upgrade your account!

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