DyKnow 5.8 Automatic Updates: How to setup deployment groups or turn off updater


Prerequisite:  DyKnow server and clients must be running version 5.8. 

Managing automatic updates involves a server and client configuration:

Server Configuration (DyKnow Administration Console)

  1. Click Mange Institution > Manage Deployment Groups
  2. Click 'Add Group'
  3. Change the name of the deployment group from "deployment group" to "test group" if this is for a small testing subset of computers or the graduation year of the student who owns that machine. For more help see "Deployment group naming best practices"
  4. Set the 'version' of the deployment group (Which version should I choose?)
  5. Click 'Update'
  6. Click 'Update list' to save all your changes or 'add group' to create another new deployment group

While not recommended, you may turn OFF all automatic updates: Manage Institution > Manage Deployment Groups > All Off > Update List. 

Client Configuration

Installing the DyKnow 5.8 client will default the device to be a member of the "All Computers" deployment group, and therefore it will receive all DyKnow updates automatically OTA when they are released. Here are the instructions for configuring the client to sync with a custom deployment group:

  1. We assume you already have the DyKnow client installed.
  2. Download the deployment group .MSI (32-bit | 64-bit)
  3. Open the deployment group .MSI in your preferred .MSI editor (need a .MSI editor?)
  4. Open the Property table
  5. Copy the deployment group token from the DyKnow Administration Console into the 'value' column of the 'DEPLOYMENTGROUP' property
  6. Change the 'ProductName' value to match the name of the deployment group you created in the Administration Console (step 3 above)
  7. Save the deployment group .MSI file (do NOT use 'save_as' because it will corrupt the .MSI)
  8. Push out or manually install the deployment group .MSI to your selected devices.

Have other questions? See our DyKnow Updater Technical FAQ or contact support@dyknow.com

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