Deployment group best practices (DyKnow 5.8)


The following are suggested best practices and scenarios for setting up DyKnow 5.8 deployment groups.

Best practice #1:  Check our client/server version history page for the latest on DyKnow 5.8 releases. We also announce releases 1 week in advance via email to DyKnow Admins and Project Leads on record.

Best practice #2:  When naming your deployment group, we suggest using a value such as graduation year vs. a specific grade (9th, 10th, Seniors, etc.) to account for situations where the student keeps his/her same machine multiple grade years.

Scenario #1 (two deployment groups):  Along with the default group that is setup for all machines during the initial installation, setup one additional "testing" deployment group.  Setup this "testing" deployment group to always be the "latest stable" release. While the "All machines" deployment group is set to a specific version.  In this scenario you can set aside a few machines in the "test group" so they always get the latest version, then, once you approve the latest version, you can update your "All machines" deployment group to be that version.



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