5.8 Policy for Product Updates/Releases



DyKnow Monitor/Vision 5.8 has a client autoupdater.  This much-requested feature makes it easy to update the product on devices without requiring work for our customers.  Most customers are thrilled that updates just happen.  Others, however, want notifications and controls around the process.

Type and Frequency of Updates

In the past, we issued one major update per year in the spring, plus hot fixes as needed.  Now that the 5.8 client updates itself and technology is changing faster than ever, we anticipate updating the 5.8 client more frequently than in the past, typically with small changes.  Client updates fall into one of these categories:

  • Routine - Small update or fix with no user experience changes. These may happen as often as twice/month. 
  • Hot - Update that fixes a known major bug or issue that made DyKnow 5.8 unusable.
  • Major - Significant update that includes user experience changes. This happens once/year, if at all. 

Actual version/release history is here.


We will email the DyKnow Admin and Project Lead(s) on record in the following scenarios:

  • Routine or Hot - email announcing the immediate availability of the update.
  • Major - email announcing the week update rollouts will begin.

When Client Update is Applied

To follow release best practices and manage the the load on our servers, we physically release client updates over a 1- to 2-week period.  For example, say we release on Nov 11.  This means that if your DyKnow 5.8 server setting is the default (autoupdating = ON), the soonest your clients could receive the update is Nov 11 and the latest is Nov 22. If you believe your school needs an update sooner in this window, please contact us at support@dyknow.com and we'll move you up.

To verify the current DyKnow client version at any time, either look at the Workstation Snapshot in the Admin Console or launch the client > click the DyKnow logo > DyKnow Options > Resources > About DyKnow.

Configuring Update Settings

Every customer has the option to configure how their DyKnow 5.8 updates work.  The default and most common setting we see on 5.8 server is autoupdating = ON.  This means 5.8 client updates are applied automatically and silently OTA as we release them.  Here are alternative configuration options as well as a technical FAQ about the updater component.

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