DyKnow Cloud Major Release for PC, Chromebook, Web - week of 7/20/15


Release Notes

Available the week of July 20, 2015

  • Simplified and enhanced teacher browser user interface. Teacher login and settings are the same. Teachers can toggle how many thumbnails they see. Creating and applying Blocking Plans is simpler and more reliable. Feature name change for Status (new=Understanding) and Poll (new=Questions). No more need for students to login to the product as slide sharing was removed.
  • New feature Activity Tracker shows the teacher a realtime view of student web/URL activity
  • New feature Segmented Blocking allows the teacher to apply a Blocking Plan to individual students and up to two different plans simultaneously
  • Added compatibility to allow/block URLs when students are using Firefox on Windows devices. Updated compatibility page here.
  • Updated .MSI installer for student Windows devices and improved autoupdater which will autoupdate silently over the next 2 weeks (if successful, DyKnow Cloud listed in Programs and Features as v
  • Updated extension for student Chromebooks available via Chrome Web Store
  • Product administrators must go to legacy.dyknow.me/[vanity] at this time to make changes. Login credentials here are the same.



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