Start and End a Monitoring Session



Dyknow's monitoring feature enables Dyknow Teachers to monitor the devices of students assigned to their Dyknow Class rosters.

This document is a resource for Dyknow Teachers to understand how to:



Follow the steps below to begin an active Dyknow monitoring session for an assigned Class.

1. Click the Start Monitoring button on the relevant Class tile from your My Classes dashboard.

Note: Your monitoring session will automatically begin and student device thumbnails will start loading into a grid view.

2. Continue to monitor student device activity via thumbnails, big view, or the real-time Activity Tracker.



Follow the steps below to end an active Dyknow monitoring session.

1. Click the End Monitoring button in the upper right-hand corner (in grid view).


NOTE: To start monitoring a new Class you must first stop monitoring the current Class. Simply closing your internet browser tab does not end the current session. Dyknow Teachers that leave a monitoring session without ending it will see a Join button on the Class tile in their My Classes dashboard (instead of the Start Monitoring button). 

As a backup, your Dyknow Admin can remotely end any monitoring session via Dyknow Admin Settings.

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