Grid View (Thumbnails) and Big View



Dyknow's monitoring feature enables Dyknow Teachers to view and track student device activity for assigned Classes. During an active monitoring session, a Dyknow Teacher can

  • View an image of each student device screen in grid view.
  • View an image of an individual student device screen in big view.



During an active monitoring session, thumbnails display an image of each student device screen to the Dyknow Teacher in grid view.

View student thumbnails in grid view to track student progress.

Thumbnails refresh every 60 seconds. Thumbnails can also be refreshed manually, by clicking the purple refresh icon.


For a more detailed view of a student device screen, hover your mouse over the individual thumbnail for that device in grid view, and select the square blue button.

Use big view to:

  • Review student progress
  • Take a screenshot of a student's exemplary work
  • Show one student's screen to the rest of the class using a projector, SMART/Promethean board, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.
  • Block Activity


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