Activity Tracker / Current Activity



Dyknow's Activity Tracker feature enables Dyknow Teachers to identify student device Website and Application activity in real time.

Activity Tracker:

  • Lists and quantifies all monitored student device activity in grid view
  • Identifies an individual student's Current Activity in big view
  • Begins collecting data from each student's device once the assigned Dyknow Teacher starts the monitoring session and continues collecting data from each student's device until the Dyknow Teacher ends the monitoring session
  • Presents this data to Dyknow Teachers after monitoring sessions in Dyknow Class Analytics

Activity Tracker is designed to give Dyknow Teachers a simple, live view of where students are spending their time at any given moment. Because Activity Tracker is always up to date, showing the precise Website or Application each student is viewing, it is a great place for Dyknow Teachers to see how students are spending their time.



1. Click the Start Monitoring button on the relevant Class tile from your My Classes dashboard.

2. Locate the gray Activity Tracker panel on the right side of the screen.

3. Click the Websites and/or Applications listed to view the name(s) of the student(s) engaged in that activity.

Note: The Activity Tracker view will update, offering options to:

  • Bring a student device thumbnail into big view by clicking the blue arrow icon; or,
  • Access the exact URL of selected Website activity.

5. Click the speedometer icon to expand / collapse the Activity Tracker panel.


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