DyKnow Cloud: Activity Tracker


Activity Tracker begins collecting data from each student's device once teachers start class. Activity Tracker continues to collect data until teachers end the session. After class, this data is presented to teachers in DyKnow Class Analytics.

Activity Tracker is designed to give teachers a simple, real time view of where students are spending their time at any given moment. Because Activity Tracker is always up to date, showing the precise website or application each student is viewing, it is a great place for teachers to check how students are spending their time.

Activity Tracker:

  • Shows student URLs and Applications in real time
  • Shows class and individual views

To use Activity Tracker:

  1. Click "Start Monitoring"
  2. Watch the grey pane on the right side of the screen. The tab labeled "Activity Tracker" will begin displaying what students are looking at. 

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