Take and Monitor (Steal) Student Devices



The Take & Monitor feature enables Dyknow Teachers to "steal" the thumbnails of students being monitored by another Dyknow Teacher.

Student devices can only be monitored in one Dyknow Class at a time.

Sometimes, Dyknow Teachers forget to end their monitoring sessions, causing those student thumbnails to not appear in the next Teacher's session. This situation is easily corrected by using the Take & Monitor button.



Follow the steps below to "steal" student device thumbnails from another Teacher's monitoring session using the Take & Monitor feature.

1. In a monitoring session, click the Show students not monitored hyperlink.

2. If you see a student(s) Monitored by Another Teacher that you expect to monitor, select the checkbox(es) next to their name(s).

3. Click the Take & Monitor button; the selected student device(s) will appear as a thumbnail(s).


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