Take and Monitor, Steal Student Devices



Student devices can only be monitored by one Class at a time in DyKnow.

Sometimes Teachers forget to end their monitoring sessions, causing student thumbnails to not appear in another Teacher's session. This situation is easily corrected by using the Take & Monitor button.

  1. Verify that student devices in your Class are not being monitored. This can be done in a session by looking at the "__ of __ students are connected" tracker in the top left corner.

  2. Click Show students not monitored hyperlink.

    Note: This list shows students who are being monitored elsewhere [probably by a forgetful teacher] along with students not connected for technological reasons (for more help on this topic, click here).

  3. If you see students Monitored by Another Teacher that you expect to monitor, click the Take & Monitor button.

    Note: The selected student devices will appear as thumbnails.

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