DyKnow Cloud - Manually Create, Edit, and Delete Classes / Enrollments


Users with the role "DyKnow Cloud Admin" and "Tech Coach" can create, edit, and delete classes.

When a DyKnow class is needed, but this class does not exist in the school's Student Information System (SIS), manually creating a class is a great option.

To create a new class, or edit an existing class:

  1. Log into https://[yourschool].dyknow.me 
  2. Click the "Gear" icon
  3. Click the "Classes" tab
  4. Search for an existing class and click "Edit," or click "Create New Class"
  5. Follow the prompts on the "Details" tab
  6. Navigate to the "Students" tab in this "Create Class" window. Search for student users to add to this class.

Alternatively: You can choose to not enroll any student users via the "Students" tab. The teacher assigned to this class can then manage their own roster.



To delete a class:

  1. To avoid the loss of Class Analytics data, DyKnow Cloud does not permit any class which has been monitored to be deleted. 
  2. Click the "Classes" tab
  3. Search for an existing class and click "Edit"
  4. Set the class to expire


  • Classes are matched based on SIS Class ID. It is not recommended to edit the value of the SIS Class ID field in the DyKnow Cloud interface. If you are creating a new class, you may leave this field blank. 
  • The next sync will overwrite your manual enrollment changes on Classes that use a SIS Class ID field. If these enrollments should be "permanently" updated, please update your SIS first, and ensure these updates sync to DyKnow Cloud.



For more information on syncing DyKnow Cloud with your SIS, or making manual changes, email support [at] dyknow [dot] com

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    Jacob Standish

    Is there an easier way to add teachers to a class. I see a drop down list of all teachers in our district that takes several minutes to load before I can sort through our 10,000+ teachers. Is it possible to search for teachers like you can students?