Login to Dyknow, Reset Password



The Dyknow portal login is for educators only. There is no website or application to which students will login.

This document is a resource for Dyknow Teachers, Tech Coaches, and Administrators to understand how to:



Follow the steps below to login to Dyknow.

1. Navigate to dyknow.me.

Note: Bookmark this website! This is the website where you will login to Dyknow and access your assigned Classes to monitor.

2. There are two ways to sign into Dyknow:

Option 1: Sign in with Google

  • If your school email address is stored within Google Workspace for Education, click the Sign in with Google button.

    Note: Your school email address does not need to have the @gmail.com suffix in order to use the Sign in with Google option. However, using your personal @gmail.com address will not work; your login email must match your Dyknow user profile.

Option 2: Standard Login

  • Enter your school email address into the School Email field.
  • Enter your password into the Password field.
  • Click Login.

    Note: When logging into Dyknow for the first time, follow the Reset Password instructions below. For security purposes, teacher passwords are not pre-loaded into Dyknow.


You will be redirected to your My Classes dashboard.



Follow the steps below to reset the password for your Dyknow User profile.

1. Navigate to dyknow.me.

2. Click the Forgot Password hyperlink; you will be redirected to the Recover Password page.


3. Enter your school email address into the Email Address field.


4. Click the Recover Password button; a Recover your Dyknow Password email will be sent to your school email inbox.


5. Go to your school email inbox and locate the Recover your Dyknow Password email from Dyknow Support.

6. Click the hyperlink in the Recover your Dyknow Password email; you will be redirected to the Dyknow Reset Password page.


7. Enter your new password into both the Password and Confirm Password fields.


8. Click the Reset Password button to login to Dyknow; you will be redirected to your My Classes dashboard.



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