DyKnow Cloud Release 7.1.10 for Web, PC, Mac - week of 10/26/15

  • Web improvements (teacher side)
    • Adds new feature: Analytics!
    • Changes "Stop Monitoring" button to "End Monitoring" in red
    • Changes "Join Monitoring" button to "Continue Monitoring" in green
    • Disables "Start Monitoring" buttons if other classes are in session
    • Addresses issue where a student device sometimes joins the session too early resulting in no thumbnail
    • Addresses issue where a Question UI sometimes shows results before teacher sends a question 
    • UI and search improvements to new admin area to be launched soon
  • Updated .MSI installer for student PCs that:
    • Addresses issue where a student device experiencing a network issue could get stuck in a blocking plan
    • Allows an admin to remotely pull DyKnow Cloud logs from command line
    • Changes default to always send 7 full days of logs
    • Requires something in "Notes" field when sending logs
    • This release will autoupdate silently over the next week on student PCs as version
  • Updated .PKG installer for student Macs that:
    • Ensures that students running OSX 10.11 "El Capitan" show up as thumbnails
    • Available from DyKnow as pkg for manual push as version
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