DyKnow Cloud Release 7.1.12 for PC, iPad - week of 11/9/15

  • Updated .MSI for student PCs
    • Improves thumbnail reliability in certain scenarios where student devices weren't showing after an autoupdate
    • Improves the reliability of URL filtering in Chrome browser
    • Enables Blocking for universal/modern apps on Windows 10
    • Enables modern app detection in Activity Tracker
    • This release will autoupdate silently over the next week on student PCs as version
  • Updated app for student iPads
    • Adds feature that can force Google Safe Search for students and remove the URL bar (configurable)
    • Adds feature that can keep students from using the URL bar until they are monitored by a teacher (configurable)
    • Changes the App Store age rating from 17+ to 4+
    • Available in Apple App Store for automatic update as version
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