DyKnow Cloud Release 7.1.13 for Web, PC - week of 11/16/15

  • Web improvements (teacher/admin side)
    • Launches new Admin area on https://[yourschool].dyknow.me where DyKnow administrators click on the gear icon. NOTE: this replaces the "legacy" site.
    • Improves enforcement of Time-based Blackout Settings
    • Adds ability for a DyKnow administrator to remotely end any active DyKnow session i.e. if teacher forgot to click End Monitoring
    • Addresses issue where Status updates stopped retrying during network connectivity interruptions
  • Updated .MSI for student PCs
    • Addresses issue where Activity Tracker stopped when student was being monitored by a secondary class that ends
    • This release will autoupdate silently over the next week on student PCs as version
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