Class Analytics for Teachers



Dyknow automatically tracks each website visited and application used by students.

Teachers only need to click the Start Monitoring button to begin gathering data about how students used their devices during class time. After Teachers click the Stop Monitoring button, this data is accessible in DyKnow Class Analytics.

Use this data to assign participation grades, find new curricular websites being used by students, and praise on task behavior!


1. Click the Class Analytics tab.

2. Click the All Students menu to change the data set. To see data for just one student, click the All Students menu, and select the name of a single student.

To see which students viewed a particular website or application, click the blue people icon to the right of that website or app.

Student names are also hyperlinked! If you click an individual student's name, you will immediately see their personal Analytics.

3. Click the Date menu to change the data set; DyKnow offers the following pre-set date range options:

Note: To select only one day, just double click that date!

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