Create a Segmented Blocking Plan



Teachers can block individual students, and / or release individual students from a blocking plan. We call this feature "Segmented Blocking."



Follow the steps below to create a Segmented Blocking Plan in DyKnow.

1. Click Modify Blocking button from your current monitoring session.

Note: The Blocking window will appear.

2. Click the purple Turn On Segmented Blocking button to add a second plan for your monitoring session.

3. Select an existing plan, or create a new one on the fly.

4. Choose which students are in plan 1, and which students are in plan 2.

Note: If segmented blocking is turned on, each student must be accounted for in one of the two plans.

If you want some of your students to be "free" from blocking, meaning all applications and websites are allowed on their device, create an "Allowing All" plan for those students. Your second plan will then be a blocking plan for the remaining students you choose.

Tip: To move students from one plan to another, there's a short cut on the student's screen "Big View" that says "Switch Blocking Plan."


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