DyKnow Cloud: Chromebook Permissions


If administrators do not allow DyKnow + Google authentication, students will see the following message after the DyKnow Cloud extension is installed, whether manually or via the Chrome Management Console:

"Welcome to DyKnow! Your school installed DyKnow on your laptop. Allowing DyKnow access to your email address is required. DyKnow matches your email address with your school."


After clicking "Continue," students will see the following, Google-issued prompt:

"DyKnow would like to:
Know who you are on Google
View your email address

By clicking Allow, you allow this app and Google to use your information in accordance with their respective terms of service and privacy policies. You can change this and other Account Permissions at any time.

Deny // Allow"


Google presents this message for all installed Chromebook extensions as an interface for users to confirm Google will have access to specific information via the extension.



Allow Google + DyKnow authentication. Otherwise, ask students to click "Allow." Once Google recognizes this selection for each user, the permission will be remembered indefinitely. If permissions to DyKnow are ever revoked for a specific user, the user will once again be required to select "Allow."

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