DyKnow Cloud: Sort Admin Area


If your DyKnow Cloud account is set to an "Administrator" user type, the following is available by logging in and clicking the "Gear" icon.

DyKnow Cloud Administrators can sort the available data columns when browsing and managing the "Users" tab.

Best Practices and Recommended Uses

  1. Regularly sort your "Date Last Communicated" and "Version Number" column in ascending order, checking for outliers.
  2. Received a "Student Not Monitored" automated email from DyKnow? Check here first.
  3. Consult "Date Last Communicated" and "Version Number" if a teacher reports an individual student as not monitored.

Student users with a "Date Last Communicated" older than one week or "Version Number" several releases older than their peers' devices may be experiencing an installation issue. 

To troubleshoot, first restart the student's device.

Date Last Communicated: After a restart, a device with a healthy install should immediately connect to a class being monitored by a teacher. If the device does not connect to a monitored class, send logs to DyKnow describing the behavior and troubleshooting steps.

Version Number: After a restart, watch for the version number to update over a ~24 hour period. If the version does not auto-update, reinstall DyKnow with the latest release. Contact us for a customized MSI.


In addition, drop down menus are available to sort the Users tab by School Code and User Type

Sort by School Code


Sort by User Type




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