Send A Message To, Lock Student Devices



Teachers can now send a message to students and lock student devices.

Watch the brief training video by clicking play on the image below!

You can also send messages and unlock students while you are viewing any student's thumbnail in "Big View." 

  1. Start monitoring any Class.

  2. Locate the Activity Tracker to the right side of your screen and click the bell icon.

  3. Click the blue Send a Message button.


  4. Select the Attention! message, or write your own message.

    Note: Including a URL in your message will automatically launch on each student's device.

  5. Determine whether you would also like to lock the student devices, or leave them unlocked, when your message is sent.

    Click Yes to lock the student devices when sending your message. Click No to leave student devices unlocked when sending your message.

    Note: If locked, student devices will remain locked until you manually unlock them by removing the message. Screens, keyboards and trackpads will not work while locked.

  6. Send your message.






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