DyKnow Cloud: Block March Basketball Tournament Websites


Teachers can add the "March Basketball Tournament" group of websites to any new or existing Block Only blocking plan. Adding this group of websites blocks all known URLs that broadcast the annual college sports tournament.

To enforce the "March Basketball Tournament" website group:

1. Monitor any class

2. Select "Modify Blocking"

3. Choose an existing plan, or create a new one

4. Type "March Basketball Tournament" into the Websites section of your blocking plan

5. Select "Enforce"



If you find students viewing an NCAA basketball game while you are enforcing the "March Basketball Tournament" group of websites in your blocking plan, please contact support@dyknow.com.

Include the URL the student was viewing, which is accessible via Activity Tracker, Analytics, or "Big View" when monitoring their thumbnail. Our team will update the group of websites to include this URL!


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