DyKnow Cloud: End a Monitoring Session as an Administrator


DyKnow Cloud Administrators have the ability to end any class that is currently being monitored. The most common use of this feature is to end a class when a teacher forgets to click "End Monitoring" on their own.

To access this feature:

1. Login to DyKnow Cloud with your administrator username and password
2. Click the gear icon
3. Search for any user or class that is currently monitored. Notice DyKnow indicates that the class is currently monitored.
4. Select "End This Class"

As a reminder, it is best practice to encourage teachers to always select "End Monitoring" when their classes end. This keeps Analytics data tidy, and prevents the need for Administrators to end classes!

Note: We strongly encourage schools to establish Date/Time and IP Restrictions. This prevents the need to always end monitoring classes at the end of each day, if teachers forget and students are still blocked.


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