Intro to Dyknow - Teacher Training



This document is a resource for Dyknow Teacher training. Click play below to view the introductory training video.




Teachers and other faculty members using Dyknow will login to the Dyknow portal ( via web browser.

Students will never login to the Dyknow portal; rather, students are identified by monitoring by:

  • The installation of the Dyknow Cloud Connector on their devices; and,
  • Their unique, local device login.


The My Classes page serves as a dashboard for Dyknow Teachers to:

The My Classes page is unique for each Dyknow Teacher.

  • Most Dyknow Classes are created for Teachers automatically, via direct integration with their school's Student Information System (SIS) or other data import method.
  • But Dyknow Classes can also be created manually, by a Dyknow Administrator or a Dyknow Tech Coach, for Classes that do not exist in the school's SIS (e.g. In-School Suspension, After School Programs, etc.).


Dyknow enables two (2) types of monitoring: passive and active.

  • Passive monitoring is when a Dyknow Teacher monitors student device activity without enforcing a Blocking Plan.
  • Active monitoring is when a Dyknow Teacher monitors student device activity with an enforced Blocking Plan.

This is because all monitored student device activity is available after class, in Dyknow Class History! So teachers can interact with students (instead of watching their screens) throughout class.

Dyknow Teachers can also monitor student device activity remotely!

  • This requires that your Dyknow account does NOT contain any IP Restrictions that require student devices to be on-campus in order to be monitored.
  • Please contact your Dyknow Administrator to request any IP Restriction edits.


Dyknow Blocking Plans:

  • Allow individual teachers to determine what websites/applications students can and cannot access;
  • Can be created before, during, and after class; and,
  • Must be enforced during a monitoring session in order to be active.

Use the Blocking Plans tab to create, edit, and delete Blocking Plans outside of a monitoring session.

Use the Modify Blocking button to create, edit, and enforce a Blocking Plan during a monitoring session.


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