Combine Classes



Dyknow's Combine Classes feature enables Dyknow Teachers to combine their current, assigned Classes into a single Class.

Note: Combining Classes cannot be undone; it is a permanent change. If you need assistance with combined Classes, please contact us at

This document is a resource for Dyknow Teachers to understand how to:



Follow the steps below combine assigned Dyknow Classes.

1. Login to Dyknow.

2. Click the Classes tab; you will be redirected to the My Classes dashboard.

3. Click the Combine Classes button; the Combine Classes modal will appear.

4. Enter a name for your new Class in the New Class Name field.

5. Choose which of your existing Classes you would like to combine into a single Class by selecting their respective checkboxes in the Choose Classes To Combine section.

6. Click Save; the Heads up! pop-up notification will appear.

7. Click Remove and Combine.

8. Locate your newly combined Class, marked with a gold star, on your My Classes dashboard.

Note: The Class Analytics data for any combined Classes will remain separate, associated with the incumbent Class names.


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