Combine Classes



Dyknow's Combine Classes feature enables Dyknow Teachers to combine one or more of their assigned classes into a single class. The classes to be combined must share the same primary teacher.

This document is a resource for Dyknow Teachers to understand how to:

Note: Combining Classes cannot be undone; it is a permanent change. If you need assistance with combined Classes, please contact us at



Follow the steps below combine your assigned Dyknow Classes.

1. Login to Dyknow and navigate to your My Classes page.

2. Click the Combine Classes button; the Combine Classes modal will appear.

3. Enter a name for your new Class in the New Class Name field.

4. Select which of your existing Classes you would like to combine into a single Class in the Choose Classes To Combine section.

Note: The selected classes must share the same primary teacher.

5. Click Save; a pop-up notification will appear.

6. Click Remove and Combine.

7. Locate your newly combined Class, marked with a gold star, on your My Classes dashboard.

Note: The Class History data for any combined Classes will remain separate, associated with the incumbent Class names.


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