Configure Chromebook Device and User Settings



To optimize your Dyknow experience, we recommend the following settings for student Chromebook device management.

Prerequisite: Install Dyknow Chromebook Cloud Connector

This document is a resource for Dyknow Administrators to understand:




Follow the steps below to configure the User Settings for student Chromebook devices.

1. Login to the GSuite Admin Console.

2. From the Admin Console Dashboard, go to Device management > Chrome management > User Settings.


3. Allow Screenshots.

Locate the Content section and click to select Screenshot: Enable Screenshot.

Note: All Chromebook users should be under a policy that allows screenshots. This policy applies to screenshots taken by any means, including apps and extensions like Dyknow.

4. Blacklist URLs.

Locate the Content > URL Blocking section and update the URL Blacklist with the following:

  • chrome://flags
  • chrome://inspect 

3. Disallow Incognito Mode.

Locate the Security section and set the policy to Disallow Incognito Mode.

4. Block Task Manager.

Locate the Apps and Extensions section and set Task Manager to Block users from ending processes with the Chrome task manager.

5. Block Multiple Sign-In Access.

Locate the Multiple Sign In Access section and select Block multiple sign-in access for users in this organization.

6. Disable Developer Tools.

Locate the User Experience section and select Never allow use of built-in developer tools from the Developer Tools picklist.
To prevent students from tampering with force-installed extensions, developer tools should be blocked.



Follow the steps below to configure the Device Settings for student Chromebooks.

1. Login to the GSuite Admin Console.

2. From the Admin Console dashboard, go to Device management > Chrome management > Device settings.


3. Disable Guest Mode.

In the Sign-in Settings > Guest Mode section, set the policy to Do not allow guest mode. 

4. Restrict Sign In.

In the Sign-in Settings > Sign-in Restriction section, click to Restrict sign-in to list of users.

To restrict users to only those in your domain, enter *

Note: With this setting, students will not be able to access personal accounts.


For more information, read Google's documentation on Chromebook policies here.


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