DyKnow Cloud: Timed Blocking Plans


Automatically release students from blocking plans with Timed Blocking Plans.

Teachers can choose the time that they want blocking plans to release. Timed Blocking Plans provide a great "set it and forget it" option. 

1. Press "Start Monitoring" to begin a class. 

2. Click the blue "Modify Blocking" button to access blocking plans. 

3. Select the plan you'd like to enforce. Or, select "Allow Only" or "Block Only" to build a new plan.


4. Select the time you'd like the blocking plan to expire or "release" the students. Click "Enforce" to start the blocking plan.

Note: You will still need to click "End Monitoring" to end the class. Analytics are collected for each student until the teacher clicks "End Monitoring."

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    Sandra Lagrange

    Thanks SO much for this feature. We have lots of trouble with teachers forgetting to release. Hopefully this will solve that problem.