Teacher Troubleshooting: Is DyKnow Installed?


Is DyKnow Installed?

For teachers to see student devices appear in their class, DyKnow must first be installed by your school administrator on each student's device. If a student's device does not connect to your class when you are monitoring, please check for the DyKnow "swoosh" icon on the student's device.

If you do not see the "swoosh" on the student's device, DyKnow has not yet been installed.

Please contact your school's DyKnow Cloud administrator for assistance in ensuring DyKnow is installed!

Student Chromebooks

On the student's laptop, ask the student to open the Chrome browser. Look to the right of the student's URL bar in Chrome for the DyKnow "swoosh."

Student PCs

On the student's laptop, look in the system tray in the bottom right corner. If the "swoosh" does not appear in the tray, click the arrow to reveal additional icons.

Student MacBooks

On the student's laptop, look in the system tray in the upper right corner. 

Student iPads

On the student's iPad, check for the DyKnow Cloud app.

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