DyKnow Cloud: Enhanced Blackout Settings


Due to popular demand we enhanced our Blackout Feature with more options for DyKnow Administrators to customize their Blackout settings; here's what's included:  

Per-school Blackout Settings

Set per-school blackout settings using the steps below:

1. Log into DyKnow Cloud with your Administrator username and password. Select the Gear icon, found next to the orange Support button.

2. Select the "Blackout Settings" tab.

3. Search for the name of the school you wish to change.

4. Verify that the days you want to monitor are selected. Note: purple indicates you will monitor that day. 


5. Select the times to allow teachers to monitor by entering the time in the box or using the time picker via the "clock" icon. Click "Save" to ensure your changes are saved.


Update All Blackout Settings 

Update all of your schools with the same Blackout Settings using the steps below:

1. If you want all of the schools to have the same setting, click "Update All Blackout Settings".  


2. Using the modal, choose the dates you wish to update all of your schools. Be sure to click "Save" to ensure your changes are saved.



Enable/Disable Monitoring

Enable/Disable Monitoring for a specific school using the steps below: 

1. Search for the name of the school in which you'd like to disable monitoring. 

2. In the Blackout Settings under "Monitoring", flip the switch to "Disable".



3. Click "Save Changes" to ensure your changes are saved.

Enable/Disable Monitoring for all Schools: 

1. Click "Update All Blackout Settings"


2. Under "Enable DyKnow", flip the switch to "Disable DyKnow". Click "Save". You will have a message confirming your selection.





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