FAQ: How Do I Make DyKnow Compatible With ERB Secure Browser on Windows Devices?




This article identifies how DyKnow Administrators can quickly disable Monitoring to make DyKnow compatible with ERB Secure Browser on Windows devices.

IMPORTANT: ERB Secure Browser will not open or crash during testing when DyKnow and ERB Secure Browser are installed and running simultaneously.



Follow the steps below to disable Monitoring on student devices with Windows: 

1. Click Screen_Shot_2018-03-26_at_4.10.56_PM.png in the DyKnow Web App 

2. Click the Blackout Settings tab

3. Type a school name in the search box or scroll until you locate the school that you want to update

4. In Monitoring section click toggle to Disabled



  • Enabled: Teachers ARE able to monitor student devices; DyKnow is NOT compatible with ERB Browser
  • Disabled: Teachers NOT able to monitor student devices; DyKnow IS compatible with ERB Browser

5. Click Save Changes; the message below will display


6. Click Yes

TIP: After testing is complete and ERB Secure Browser is uninstalled follow the steps above but in Step 4, toggle to Enable to allow teachers to resume Monitoring student devices.


If you have questions or need assistance with this feature please contact DyKnow Support via email at support@dyknow.com.

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