Manage Skyward Integration



Dyknow’s Import Manager feature enables Dyknow Administrators to easily import Skyward SIS data into Dyknow.

This document is a resource for Dyknow Administrators to understand how to:



Follow the steps below to enable Skyward API access for integration with Dyknow.

1. Click the gear icon DyKnow_Web_App_-_gear_icon.png in Dyknow to access the Admin Settings.

2. Click the Import Manager tab.

3. Click the Settings tab.

4. Select Skyward from the Student Information System (SIS) picklist.

5. Select Skyward from the Import Method picklist.

6. Select your Import Scheduling preference.

7. Select your data Rollover date.

8. Click the Continue: Setup button.

9. Contact your SIS provider to ensure that Skyward’s API access has been enabled.

10. Continue to Generate Skyward Integration Credentials.



Follow the steps below to generate your Skyward integration credentials.

1. Login to your Skyward account as an Admin.

2. Navigate to Product Setup. Click Product Setup from the Home picklist, or from the Jump to Other Systems section, depending on your Skyward user permissions and dashboard configuration.

3. Click Contact Access.

4. Click Secured User.

5. Click Add.

6. Click the Organization button.

7. Enter Dyknow under Organization Name.

8. Click Add Entered Name to Secure Users.

9. Click Save.

Note: Entering Address Info, Demographic Info, and Security Info is optional. If you choose to enter Security Info, ensure that the user remains active by selecting Yes from the Active Secured User picklist.

10. Click to highlight Dyknow from the Secured User list.

11. Click the API button in the lower right-hand corner of the Skyward window. An API Access pop-window will appear.

Note: If the API button is not available, confirm that you are using the June 2016 Release + Addendum 10 or later version of Skyward.

12. Click the Generate New Key button from the PI Access window.

Note: A unique Skyward domain Name, Key, and Secret for the DyKnow integration will appear.

13. Note the Skyward domain API URL, Key, and Secret credentials – they will be necessary to complete the Skyward integration in Dyknow.

Note: Skyward uses the terms Key and Secret synonymously with username and password. A unique Key and Secret should be created for each 3rd party vendor that will be connecting with the Skyward API.

14. Continue to Enter Skyward Integration Credentials.



Follow the steps below to enter your Skyward integration credentials in Dyknow.

1. Click the gear icon DyKnow_Web_App_-_gear_icon.png in Dyknow to access the Admin Settings.

2. Click the Import Manager tab.

3. Click the Import Manager Setup tab.


4. Enter your Skyward domain API URL into the Integration URL field.


5. Enter your Skyward Key into the Integration Key field.

6. Enter your Skyward Secret into the Integration Secret field.

7. Click to Select Types of Student Devices from the Student Devices picklist to identify your schools' device type(s).

Student Devices Options:

  • Only Chromebooks
  • No Chromebooks
  • Mix of Chromebooks and non-Chromebooks

8. Click the Continue: Process Import button.


Note: You will be redirected to the Import Manager tab.

9. Continue to Process Skyward Data in Dyknow.



Follow the steps below to process your Skyward SIS data in Dyknow.

1. Click the gear icon DyKnow_Web_App_-_gear_icon.png in Dyknow to access the Admin Settings.

2. Click the Import Manager tab.

3. Click the Import Manager Import tab.


4. Click the Process Import button.


5. You will receive an Import Results confirmation email once your import is complete.


Note: If your data files include errors or any changes that exceed Import Thresholds, you will receive a Check Your Data email in addition to the Import Results confirmation email. To review and validate your data file import errors, read the Validate Paused SIS Imports article.



Please contact Dyknow Support to disable your Skyward integration.


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