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OneRoster File exports enable Dyknow Administrators to seamlessly import school roster data into Dyknow. OneRoster uses standard formatting for data exchanged between systems like your Student Information System (SIS) or Learning Management System (LMS) and Dyknow.

Note: There are many SISs that support the OneRoster format; however, not all are guaranteed to have an auto-export to SFTP option. Dyknow has confirmed that the SISs listed below support OneRoster file exports:

Know of another SIS that supports OneRoster exports? Please share it here!

This document is a resource for Dyknow Administrators to understand how to:

Prerequisites: Manage Roster Import Settings and Setup Dyknow FTP Folder Connection



For OneRoster exports, you will need all of – and only – the following five files and associated column headers/data. Review the tables below to identify your OneRoster export file requirements. Click here for more information on OneRoster Files, formats, etc.


 Column Name  Description
 sourcedId  Unique value for each session
 status  Status of session
 dateLastModified  Date this session was last modified
 title  Name of the session
 type  Type of session
 startDate  Date session begins
 endDate  Date session ends
 parentSourcedId  Unique value for the parent record of a session
 schoolyear  School year for this session


 Column Name  Description
 sourcedId  Unique value for each organization
 status  Status of the organization
 dateLastModified  Date this organization was last modified
 name  Name of the organization
 type  Type of organization
 identifier  Value to help identify the organization
 parentSourcedId  Unique value for the parent record of an organization


 Column Name  Description
 sourcedId  Unique value for each user
 status  Status of the user
 dateLastModified  Date this user was last modified
 enabledUser  Identifies an active user record
 orgSourcedIds  SourcedIds of the orgs to which this user belongs
 role  Dyknow user role (Student, Teacher, or Administrator)
 username  Value to help identify the user
 userIds  Value to help identify the user
 givenName  First name of user
 familyName  Surname of user
 middleName  Middle name of user
 identifier  Value to help identify the user
 email  Email address of user
 SMS  SMS address of user
 phone  Phone number of user
 agentSourcedIds  SourcedIds of the users to which this user has a relationship
 grades  Grade(s) for which the user is associated
 password  Password for the user


 Column Name  Description
 sourcedId  Unique value for each class
 status  Status of the class
 dateLastModified  Date this class was last modified
 title  Name of the class
 grades  Grade(s) for which the class is attended
 courseSourcedId  Unique value for course of which the class is an instance
 classCode  Value to help identify the class
 classType  Value to help identify the class
 location  Description of class physical location
 schoolSourcedId  Unique value for the org that teaches the class
 termSourcedIds  SourcedId of the academic sessions in which the class is taught
 subjects  Academic subjects associated with the class
 subjectCodes  Code for academic subjects associated with the class
 periods  Time slots during which the class will be given


 Column Name  Description
 sourcedId  Unique value for each enrollment
 status  Status of the enrollment
 dateLastModified  Date this enrollment was last modified
 classSourcedId  Unique value for each class
 schoolSourcedId  Unique value for the org that teaches the class
 userSourcedId  Unique value for the user
 role  Dyknow user role (Student, Teacher, or Administrator)

 For one teacher in a class, primary = true; for multiple teacher assignments, primary = false

 beginDate  Date enrollment begins
 endDate  Date enrollment ends

Note: Please use the following specifications when configuring your OneRoster export:

  • These .csv files should contain only active student data
  • A header row is required for these .csv files
  • Do not edit the order of the columns in these .csv files
  • All the .csv files identified above must be present for the upload to be processed
  • When multiple teachers are listed for a class, all will be assigned to the class and displayed in alphabetical order



Follow the steps below to create your OneRoster Files for export from your SIS.

1. Login to your SIS as an Administrator.

2. Navigate to the Exports or Reports section.

3. Click the Add Vendor button to assign your secure Dyknow FTP folder as the destination for receiving your OneRoster export files.

4. Enter Dyknow into the Vendor Name field.

5. Enter into the SFTP Server field.

6. Enter /upload into the SFTP Directory field.

7. Enter 22 into the SFTP Port field.

8. Enter your Dyknow account SFTP username into the Username field.

Note: Locate your Dyknow account SFTP username in the Dyknow Import Manager Setup tab.

9. Enter your Dyknow account SFTP password into the Password and Confirm Password fields.

Note: Locate your Dyknow account SFTP password in the Dyknow Import Manager Setup tab.

10. Click Save.

11. Select the five OneRoster export files listed below:

  • Academic Sessions
  • Organizations
  • Users
  • Classes
  • Enrollments

Note: Ensure the format of the selected OneRoster files matches the OneRoster File Requirements identified above.

12. Select the schools that should be included in the OneRoster export files.

13. Click Enable Scheduled Process to automate this export process, and continue to step 14; otherwise, skip to step 17.

14. Enter the days you want to run the OneRoster export process in the Days to run SFTP field.

15. Enter the time of the day you want to run the OneRoster export process in the Time field.

16. Enter the email address(es) that should receive confirmation when the OneRoster export process completes into the Email Address field.

17. Click Save.

18. Click Run Now and Upload.

Note: The SFTP transfer includes a single .zip file named that contains all the .csv files.

Not exporting the file? Try using the example script below to zip the .csv files:

Compress-Archive -LiteralPath C:\YOURFOLDER\academicSessions.csv, C:\YOURFOLDER\orgs.csv, C:\YOURFOLDER\classes.csv, C:\YOURFOLDER\enrollments.csv, C:\YOURFOLDER\users.csv -DestinationPath C:\YOURFOLDER\ -Force

19. Continue to Process OneRoster Export Files with Import Manager.



Follow the steps below to process your OneRoster export files in Dyknow Import Manager.

1. Login to Dyknow.

2. Click the gear icon DyKnow_Web_App_-_gear_icon.png; you will be redirected to the Admin Settings.

3. Click the Import Manager tab.

4. Click Setup.

5. Locate the Choose Files section.

6. Select the file uploaded to the SFTP folder in the OneRoster zip file field.

7. Click Continue: Process Import.

8. Click Process Import.

9. You will receive an Import Results confirmation email once your import is complete.

Note: If your data files include errors or any changes that exceed Import Thresholds, you will receive a Check Your Data email in addition to the Import Results confirmation email. To review and validate your data file import changes/errors, read the Validate Paused Imports article.


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